Thursday, June 30, 2005

What is XML?

This is probably the most common chicklet. The XML chicklet or it's closely related cousins RSS and RDF are currently seen on the majority of blogs and news sites.


chicklet @ 400% magnification

This chicklet indicates a link to a URL that will enable you to subscribe and receive updated information, delivered to your newsfeed, aggregator, or podcast client.

For a definition of XML click here

The Chicklet Report
hieroglyphs, chicklets and other low bandwidth anomalies

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What is a chicklet?

It's a small graphical link you'll no doubt have seen them all over people's blogs. It is usually orange and more often than not bears the letters RSS or XML.

a chicklet is much smaller than a banner or button. usually less than 16 colors, sometimes as little as 4 colors and sized no more than 80 pixles wide by 15 pixels high.

Chicklets have many functions. They can be used to indicate a particular newsfeed format that visitors can subscribe to or add to their news agrigator of choice, or as a means of branding through reciprocal linking, providing a long term strategy to climb google's ranks by increasing 'pagerank'.

click here for a google definition of 'chicklet'

The Chicklet Report
hieroglyphs, chicklets and other low bandwidth anomalies

Why I started this blog.

It dawned on me earlier today that the reason that almost every blogger writes about blogging on their site is that as it's such a new media and evolves as quickly as it this, the average vistor needs a helping hand, while the technology and awareness catches up. I wanted somewhere to post anything that I learn about blogging by clicking on a chicklet