Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What is a chicklet?

It's a small graphical link you'll no doubt have seen them all over people's blogs. It is usually orange and more often than not bears the letters RSS or XML.

a chicklet is much smaller than a banner or button. usually less than 16 colors, sometimes as little as 4 colors and sized no more than 80 pixles wide by 15 pixels high.

Chicklets have many functions. They can be used to indicate a particular newsfeed format that visitors can subscribe to or add to their news agrigator of choice, or as a means of branding through reciprocal linking, providing a long term strategy to climb google's ranks by increasing 'pagerank'.

click here for a google definition of 'chicklet'

The Chicklet Report
hieroglyphs, chicklets and other low bandwidth anomalies


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